Part 2 - Lesson 2: Wind Energy

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1.Students will conduct an experiment where blade angles are the variable and wind speed is constant.

2.Students will conduct an experiment where blade angles are constant and wind speed varies.

3.Students will collect and analyze data to provide a conclusion to the questions: What is the optimal blade angle for generating the most energy? What is the optimal wind speed for generating the most energy?

4.Students will research prevailing winds and use a provided map of their region to indicate wind speed and direction.

5.Students will propose locations for wind farms based on optimal energy generation and zoning restrictions.

6.Based on their proposals, students will determine a range of potential kilowatt generation from wind power.

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10 hours

Students will learn about wind and how wind varies across geographies. Students will use Vernier Wind Turbine kits or homemade wind turbines to experiment with blade angles and wind speed. During experimentation, students will collect data as blade angles change and wind speeds change. Students will analyze their data to determine the optimal position of a wind turbine at various wind speeds to generate the most energy and then use that information to propose locations for wind turbines.

Science Kit Material(s) Used:
Basic Wind Turbine Kit