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Energy in K-12 Classroom is relevant to Biology, Math, ELA/ELD, Social Sciences, Computer Science, Tech, Robotics, Software Engineering, Earth & Space Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Economics and so much more.









Powering the Next Generation:

Energy in Education Series for K-12 Educators

This series of five videos is designed to provide educators with a foundation in understanding how clean energy is a relevant, engaging, and empowering topic for students from K-12. Educators will understand clean energy trends, career opportunities for their students, and many ways they can link energy to their learning goals


Energy Transfer & Transformation

Half-Day Professional Learning Course for Educators of Grades 3-5

This phenomena-driven, three-dimensional course uses a PhET simulation to model and investigate energy transfer & transformation. Includes a complete learning journey with virtual engagements, designed to be directly transferrable to (virtual or face-to-face) classroom use.

California Energy Professional Panel

This virtual panel of eight advanced energy professionals provides local California context for broader issues and opportunities in energy, especially in light of the COVID pandemic. Educators and students can hear from energy professionals how changes in energy will affect them, and how they can get engaged in the field.