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What is CE?

CE is a national clean energy, career connected education program from Bonneville Environmental FoundationCE provides solutions-oriented clean energy and climate solutions education to advance local educational goals and priorities that prepare the next generation to participate in, benefit from, and lead an equitable energy future. 

Amplifying Local Leaders

We do this through working with educators in partnership with climate and energy industry professionals. CE is building a national network of Clean Energy Fellows and Coaches – stipended teacher leaders – who center student learning and local educational needs for implementation of clean energy STEM curricula and programs. Clean Energy Fellows and Coaches in turn connect with local climate researchers, energy resources, utilities, energy-related companies, and local career pathways in each community.

Impact through Partnership

Partnerships are key to reaching shared outcomes for preparing the next generation of clean energy leaders. CE programming powers people – the educators and students – and links them to national resources and education technology to power access, while the solutions are powered by funding from “solutions seekers” who have aligned goals. Future employers in industry, government, research, entrepreneurial, skilled craft and trades groups, and other nonprofit entities make up the variety of partners supporting CE work nationally.

Challenge and Opportunity

Climate and energy solutions are everywhere, but opportunities are not equitably distributed or accessible.

We can change that.

Once-in-a-century investments in clean energy infrastructure provide opportunities to improve and decarbonize energy infrastructure & heavy industry at scale.

We need people who will design, build, operate and maintain this very infrastructure which will be central to a resilient, flourishing, and equitable clean energy economy.

Equity in Climate Solutions/Clean Energy & STEM Education

An equitable and inclusive clean energy transition depends upon the success of all students. 

CE collaborates with local leaders that address barriers to success for students that arise from factors unrelated to the students' actual potential for success in STEM/STEAM/CTE subjects such as race, gender, gender identity, socioeconomic status, geography and other underrepresented identities and circumstances.


CE Theory of Change

CE Vision: Powered by a clean energy economy, our communities and environment are thriving and resilient – in one generation.


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History of the Program

Solar4RSchools Logo_old16

Since 2002, Solar 4R Schools began as a program of BEF that installed demonstration scale solar PV systems with teacher training and science kit materials for Pacific Northwest schools and community organizations to increase awareness and knowledge of the science and benefits of renewable energy. Solar 4R Schools did this work in partnership with Bonneville Power Administration, regional consumer-owned utilities, and corporate and philanthropic partners.

Right now, we are witnessing the emergence of the clean energy economy. We’re seeing rapid innovation and growth in distributed energy generation, storage, and grid solutions, along with the career opportunities that accompany such growth. But we are simultaneously faced with an impending retirement boom, nationwide STEM skills gap, and need to resource and support the teachers who prepare students. There also exists an inequity of access to these new, exciting career opportunities – particularly for young women, young people of color and students from rural communities.

These changes drove the updates to the Solar 4R Schools program logic model and theory of change, and also the tactics we use to support educators and the companies that seek to develop tech-savvy talent to build a skilled workforce and future leaders for energy utilities, renewable energy development, advanced power grid technology, advanced or additive manufacturing, clean tech, IT and other STEM-related career paths.


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BEF's CE Program Wins 2021 Green Power Leadership Award for Education 
September 2021—EPA and CRS Press Release



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BEF's education program receives National Leadership Award!
10/19/15—Press Release, U.S. EPA and CRS Recognize BEF with National Leadership in Green Power Education Award for Renewable Energy Education