Customized community engagement solutions aligned with your sustainability goals

About CE (formerly called Solar 4R Schools) - a program of Bonneville Environmental Foundation

The Solar 4R Schools program has a new identity!  We are getting a new name and new look that better represents the scope and impact of our program.  For more information about our program, click here.
You may notice some instances of the program’s historical name embedded in some of our content and URLs for kiosks for some time until the full transition is complete. Thanks for understanding!

BEF empowers your business to be in balance with the environment. We align your goals/vision with solutions that deliver immediate impact, support local communities, tell a compelling story, and prepare the next generation to solve our biggest environmental challenges.

As solar energy development continues to expand, we seek to turn every solar installation into an interactive educational tool, building a nation of energy literate citizens who understand the science and benefits of renewable energy.

In addition to directly supporting education initiatives, our CE projects provide funding partners with an opportunity to engage students and community stakeholders. Through a range of student engineering challenges and co-branded educational displays, our partners connect with local communities of interest, creating a platform to share their sustainability story with the individuals that matter most to their brands. 

Partnership. A BEF core value.

We build partnerships that optimize our capacity, provide unique value to all players, and help us generate solutions we couldn’t arrive at on our own. Through a full suite of innovative energy education strategies, we use our collective strengths to redefine how local and national entities can align with our efforts to extend reach and impact. We provide a proven platform that allows our partners to meaningfully leverage community resources while helping to educate the next generation of clean energy leaders. 

Let's build a meaningful partnership

To learn more about how becoming a CE program partner can help your organization achieve meaningful sustainability, education, and communication engagement goals, contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our team members. We want to hear about your unique goals, introduce you to our dedicated team, and initiate the process of designing a customized solution to fit your needs. Contact Chaun MacQueen, Director, CE for more information.

View the CE program brochure for more information about ways to partner.

For utilities, renewable energy developers, and companies planning new renewable energy developments, download this one-pager highlighting an example of how we link your energy projects to authentic learning experiences for local students. >> Generating the Next Generation: community partnerships to create a clean energy future

Looking for an easy way to make an individual contribution?  Visit BEF's residential store to donate, or select environmental products that support CE programming nationwide.