Bright Futures Pathway


Bright Futures Pathway

CE collaborates with education and industry partners across the country to prepare the next generation to lead the clean energy economy. To guide our work and that of our partners, CE has developing a planning tool called the Bright Futures PathwayThe Bright Futures Pathway defines a vision for what it means for students to be prepared to lead the clean energy future and provide goals along their K-12 journey to help them realize that vision. CE hopes that education and industry leaders across the country will be able to use the Bright Futures Pathway as they create local, tailored solutions that work for their students and contexts.


The Bright Futures Pathway is designed to:

  • Create equal exposure, access & opportunity for all students, especially those usually ignored or oppressed by the K-12 system 
  • Ensure that all students can become informed & critical decision makers in energy.


Access the Bright Futures Pathway here.






We Want Your Input

This is an evolving tool, an we want it to be as successful as possible in supporting you and your students. Please take five minutes to provide us with feedback so we can make sure it works better for you.

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