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New to renewable energy education?

Educators—learn renewable energy background content to bring into your classroom with articles in the Teacher Learning Center. Contact us if you would like us to add new renewable energy background content.


Teacher-generated STEM lesson plans

Search, rate, download and adapt a growing library of teacher-created, hands-on, renewable energy STEM units and lessons developed by teachers for teachers in our online educator library.


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Become a clean energy leader

CE works with Clean Energy Fellows - local teacher leaders - who develop wealth-building STEM skills for the next generation who will lead an equitable, clean energy transition and a low carbon future. Learn more>>

Upcoming Events

2022 Clean Energy Education Summit - hosted by CEEWA

2/10/22 9:00am to 2:00pm
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2020-2021 CE Clean Energy Fellows Virtual Showcase

6/25/21 2:00pm to 5:00pm
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Virtual Renewable Energy Education Summit

2/4/21 7:30am to 2:30pm
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Renewable Natural Gas & Hydrogen Fall Course (Hybrid)

9/28/20 5:30pm to 12/17/20 5:00pm
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Pacific Northwest Clean Energy Fellows Application DUE

6/30/20 9:00am to 11:45pm
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opportunities for teachers

Clean Energy Fellows

We are thrilled to offer this opportunity for educators in three different regions this year: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and the Pacific Northwest!

Click here for details and to apply!

Timeline for applications:

New Jersey OWELS (Offshore Wind Educational Leaders)

The state of New Jersey is rapidly moving forward in the development of largescale offshore wind projects, and the need for student engagement in the deployment of these resources and career opportunities connected to them is at a peak. OWELs will work as part of a larger network of industry and education partners to focus on one key question: how can we increase the implementation of STEM learning that equitably links student experiences in the classroom to real-world clean energy innovation, particularly in the offshore wind space. 

Application due May 28, 2023 by 7:00pm Pacific

Pennsylvania Cohort

Teachers from across the state of PA will collaborate on the development of a mini library of curriculum materials that are place-based and relevant to careers and energy issues in the state. The cohort will undergo a process of professional development, assessing of existing resources, and developing new lessons to fill gaps in curriculum where they exist. This cohort will focus heavily on ensuring there is a centralized bank of tools for teachers to use to connect their students to the local clean energy economy

Application due June 25, 2023 by 7:00pm Pacific

Pacific Northwest (OR, WA, ID, MT): Power Grid System

This cohort, consisting of leaders from across the Pacific Northwest, will find ways to reimagine how educators can build student access to and influence on the local energy landscape through building a customized Action Plan to strengthen the clean energy talent ecosystem. Each Clean Energy Fellow will develop unique programming that leverages the community relationships, regional energy resources, place-based energy and justice challenges, and industry expertise. Through this process they will create robust, locally meaningful engagements that they will bring to their schools and other education organizations.

Application due June 25, 2023 by 7:00pm Pacific

Two teachers sitting at a table working together to build a miniature clean energy power grid for students to learn about clean energy and climate solutions.