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Teacher-generated STEM/STEAM activities

Search, rate, download and adapt a growing library of teacher- created, hands-on, STEM renewable energy activities developed by teachers for teachers in our online educator library. Upload your own variations to share with educators nationwide! SEARCH the CE ONLINE EDUCATOR LIBRARY -->

We have new units uploaded every summer as teacher leaders develop new innovative lessons with the CE Program.
Here are a few featured items from the library:

A unit for new learners of energy. Beginning with energy basics and exploration of the sun, light and heat, students will move into an exploration of how to design a solar oven and how solar energy can be used to cook food. 10 lessons. 

A unit with stories, presentations and explorations that introduce energy conceptually before moving to renewable and solar energy. 5 lessons. 

A series of explorations across the school year that reveal how the relationship of the sun and earth affect our lives. Encompassess issues such as electromagnetic radiation, earth's magnetism, seasons and day/night. Includes observations, data taking, and hands-on experiences. 3 parts. 

Middle School

High School

Recommended Renewable Energy Science Materials

Browse our science kit list to get an idea of the types and quality of science kit materials that we typically use in our trainings. These materials have also been tested by teachers and recommended for the activities and lessons in the CE online educator library.  Search our science kit catalog for ideas now -->