Part 3 – Lesson 1: A Plan for Renewable Energy Goals

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1.Students will utilize previously acquired information about energy needs to create a renewable energy proposal for their city or town.

2.Students will perform a solar energy audit on their homes and use class averages to calculate the amount of renewable energy that can be generated on residential properties.

3.Students will assess where commercial and local government solar projects can occur within the city or town to meet the energy needs for non-residential consumers.

4.Students will determine potential locations for larger scale wind and solar farms to augment the remaining energy needs of the community.

5.Students will prepare a comprehensive renewable energy plan that totals the calculations for potential residential, commercial, and agency renewable energy generation.

6.Students will prepare a brief PowerPoint presentation that summarizes their comprehensive plans that will be presented to a panel of elected officials or local experts/stakeholders.

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4 hours 10 min
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Students will utilize their home energy audits from Part 1, the information they gathered from the wind and solar assessments in Part 2, and the knowledge they gained from the solar project in Part 2 to devise a plan for your city or town to meet renewable energy goals set either by the town/city or by the students.