Part 1- Lesson 3: Home Energy Audit

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1.Students will identify all ways that energy is consumed within their homes.

2.Students will perform an energy audit of their home and calculate the amount of energy used by each electronic device and appliances.

3.Students will create a spreadsheet demonstrating the electricity required to operate each electronic device and appliance, along with a summary of finding that clearly identifies how energy consumption can be reduced within their home.

4.Students will explore various ways to reduce energy (goal is 30% reduction).

5.Students will propose a variety of energy reduction plans and present those options to their families for discussion.

6.After discussion with their families, students will itemize the agreed upon plan and identify specific actions that result in quantifiable outcomes that will implemented to reduce energy consumption by their families.

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4 hours 10 min

During this lesson, students will focus on where energy is used within their homes, how energy consumption is calculated, and how energy consumption can be reduced. Students will conduct a home energy audit and determine multiple ways to reduce energy consumption. Students will compare their savings to the overall community goal of thirty percent reduction in energy consumption. NOTE: Home energy audits should be assigned at least two weeks prior to beginning this lesson.

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Kill-A-Watt Meter