Engineering Clean Energy for Our Community

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1.Students will define “clean energy” and explain at least 4 types of alternative energy sources

2.Students will compare local energy sources and national energy sources to potential energy sources being used or developed.

3.Students will experiment with wind energy, solar energy, and hydrogen fuel cell model vehicles to explore alternative fuel sources.

4.Students will measure voltage produced and record data in a table format.

5.Students will discuss pros and cons of the different types of energy.

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5 hours 50 min
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This lesson plan will engage students in a design process to power a motor using a variety of energy sources. Students will compare different clean energy sources to decide which energy source will complete their design goal. Students will experiment with wind power, solar cells, and hydrogen fuel cell models. Students will have multiple lessons to build, design, test, and redesign as they go through the entire engineering design process. Students will engage in all 4 model designs and choose the best option for their model. Students will use evidence from the design process to explain their solution. This is a great end of year culminating project to compare energy solutions to the problem of fossil fuels and pollution in the environment. Students final project will compare human impact with all different methods.

Science Kit Material(s) Used:
1.5-Volt 500mA Solar Module
2-Volt, 500mA Solar Modules
Basic Wind Turbine Kit