Lesson 1: When the Grid Goes Down and Stays Down

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Melody Childers
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1 hour 20 min
Learning Goal(s):
  1. Students will understand the general structure of an energy grid

  2. Students will develop an understanding of the living conditions in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

  3. Students will collaborate to brainstorm needs to support safety, health and comfort in a natural disaster setting.

  4. Students will identify energy resources that one might desire to have in order meet the needs they identify. 


Through an examination of media published in the five months following Hurricane Maria in 2017, students will develop an understanding of the electrical grid, the vulnerabilities of a grid system, and the immediate and long-term challenges of living without an electrical grid. This lesson will lay the foundation for the rest of the unit, establishing emergency energy sources and disaster resilience as the anchoring phenomena for the unit. 

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Puerto Rico Power