Dual Axis Light Tracking

Basic Stamp Microprocessor
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Students will create a solar tracker with two degrees of freedom.

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1 hour 40 min
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Students will take the previous lesson and apply them in creating a light tracker with two degrees of freedom. The axis of rotation will be about the horizontal and vertical. Teams will have everything they need to make this build work. They have already created a tracker with one degree of freedom, so adding a second is a matter of replication. Students will use an additional servo circuit to add the next degree of freedom.


Science Kit Material(s) Used:
Vernier Resistor Board
Other Material(s) Used:
• Attached student handouts • Photoresistor • 220 Ohm resistor • 440 Ohm resistor • 2k Ohm resistor • 10K Ohm resistor • 0.01 uF Capacitor • 5k Ohm potentiometer • One DC gearhead servo motor