Solar Site Assessment

Solar Rooftop
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Students will be able to use a Solar Pathfinder to determine the amount of solar resource lost to shading from nearby trees, buildings, etc. Students will be able to calculate the number of kWh of electricity that can be produced in a specific location and in a specific sized area. Students will be able to calculate the amount of carbon emissions that can be offset due to installing photovoltaic panels of various sizes. Students will be able to calculate the size array needed to offset all electricity use for the high school.

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1 hour 50 min

Students will do an actual site assessment to determine the available solar resource for a chosen location. 

Science Kit Material(s) Used:
Solar Pathfinder
Other Material(s) Used:
Digital camera • Stool or chair to raise pathfinder to desired height • Bean bag (optional, depending on reading location) • Plywood (for a wider base, if desirable) • Calculator • (4) wooden stakes • (3) “sprinkler flags” • Tape measure (metric) • String