Integrating Solar Power

Basic Stamp Microprocessor
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Students will create voltage regulator and construct a solar battery charger.

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1 hour 40 min
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At this point students should have a working robotic sunflower that will track the sun with 2 degrees of freedom. This next lesson powers the whole system with a photovoltaic module. A Zener diode is used to charge a 6V motorcycle battery which then supplies a voltage regulator which in turn supplies the 5V needed by the microprocessor.

Science Kit Material(s) Used:
Vernier Resistor Board
Other Material(s) Used:
• Attached handouts • Texas Instruments LM2574 0.5 A Step Down Voltage Regulator • 220 micro Henry inductor • 6V lead acid motorcycle battery • Solar panels with 9 to 12 V output • 22 & 220 micro Farad electrolytic capacitors • Breadboard