Informative Writing: Where Does Energy Come From?

Sources of Energy
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  1. Students will understand ten renewable and non-renewable energy sources on the earth.
  2. Students will learn the locations of different energy sources on the earth.
  3. Students will learn the history of energy sources and how they have been used by humans.
  4. Students will learn about innovations and inventions used to find, recover, store and release energy for human consumption.
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10 hours

This lesson is a (stand alone or in-unit) guided non-fiction research and writing project, which includes a differentiated choice menu and list of ideas for publishing the completed project. Each student will choose one of ten energy sources to research, including coal, natural gas, petroleum, propane, uranium, biomass, wind, geothermal, hydropower and solar. He or she will write a report on the chosen energy source, complete 3 differentiated projects on the energy source, choose a way to publish the research, and participate in an Energy Celebration to present their findings in a creative way to classmates, parents, school and community members.

Other Material(s) Used:
• Possible items to help students publish: fallen tree branches and sticks, empty boxes, poster board • Scissors • Tape • Glue• Computer or tablet for research