How Tilt Angle Affects Solar Cell Output

Solar Circuit
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After the completion of this lab, students will be able to describe how the angle of light exposure affects solar cell output, have practiced using a multimeter, and have analyzed collected data.

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40 min
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Students will expose solar cells to a light source from a set distance and measure the output with a multimeter. Students will change the angle that the light source strikes the solar panel and measure the resultant output. They will compare and contrast the outputs that the different angles produce.

Science Kit Material(s) Used:
1.5-Volt 500mA Solar Module
2-Volt, 500mA Solar Modules
3-Volt, 1A Solar Module
Vernier Resistor Board
Other Material(s) Used:
Resistor (or small load) • 250-500 W camping or shop lights • Meter stick/ruler • Protractor • “Measuring Solar Cell Output—Tilt Angle” student handout