Energy Efficiency - Lighting

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Students will understand what energy efficiency means, and learn how to choose energy efficient light bulbs. Students will determine which lightbulbs are the most efficient. Students will understand how energy efficiency relates to energy generation and climate change.

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50 min
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In this lesson, students will learn how to read light bulb packaging (lighting facts) and do a whole class experiment comparing a 60-watt incandescent to an equivalent CFL and an LED bulb. This experiment will be conducted using a kil-o-watt meter, engaging students with electricity content such related to power and energy usage in the home.  They will reflect on this information in their energy notebooks.

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Infrared Temperature Gun
Kill-A-Watt Meter
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Energy Workbook, clamp lamp, extension cord, incandescent bulb, compact fluorescent bulb, LED bulb, Energy Efficiency World notebook from PGE, internet access, lighting facts, Energy Trust of Oregon Energy Saver Kit Directions