Design and Engineer Solutions

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  1. Students will take part in the engineering design process.
  2. Students will use problem solving skills to make changes to designs.
  3. Students will use speaking and listening skills to give presentations and listen to others give their presentation.
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7 hours 30 min

This lesson is designed to span 9 days with 50-minute sessions. The students will use a Design and Engineering Journal to guide them in the design and engineering process. In small groups they will use the research from lesson 2 to formulate solutions to the problem of plastic trash islands. The students will build models using the 3D printer, 3D pens, and misc., building materials. The models will use passive energy or some other form of renewable energy to collect plastic from the ocean. Possible solutions may not involve building a model -- some students may think of other ways to solve the problem, such as plastic straw bans or a chemical reaction to sink the plastic to the ocean floor. The students will test their models, collect data, and redesign as needed. They will use the data to create presentations about their solutions.