Controlling a Servo

Basic Stamp Microprocessor
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Students will be able to apply the pulse width modulation to a servo from a Basic Stamp. Students will synthesize two circuit designs using one to control the other through the Basic Stamp.

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1 hour 40 min
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In this lesson students will learn how to control a servo using the Basic Stamp. Then students will combine the photoresistor from the previous lesson with the servo to create a light controlled servo.

Science Kit Material(s) Used:
Vernier Resistor Board
Other Material(s) Used:
All attached handouts • Basic Stamp Homework Board • Parallax servo • Photo-resistor • 5k Potentiometer • 220 ohm resistor • 440 ohm resistor • 2k ohm resistor • 10k ohm resistor • 0.01 uF Capacitor • Jumper wires