Circuit Analysis With Solar Energy: Measure the Power Consumed by Various Devices

Solar Circuit
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Students will understand that voltage is a measure of a difference in electric potential energy and that current is the rate at which charge flows through a circuit. Students will understand how to measure and quantify electricity. Students will become familiar with the relationships between the fundamental electrical quantities.

Estimated Activity Length:
1 hour 30 min

Students will set up a simple circuit using a solar module and three small loads. They will then use a multimeter to measure the voltage across each load and the current through each circuit. Students will then calculate the power consumption and resistance of each load.


Science Kit Material(s) Used:
1.5-Volt 500mA Solar Module
2-Volt, 500mA Solar Modules
3-Volt, 1A Solar Module
Other Material(s) Used:
One 250-500W halogen shop light • One sound board* • One LED light* • One mini battery-powered radio* • Two alligator test leads • Lab handout • “How to Use a Multimeter Cheat Sheet” student handout * Other low power, DC (battery-operated) devices