Bioreactor Water Circulation System

Wort Chiller
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1. Students will examine the properties of solar water pumping systems using KidWind solar water pumps or similar water pumps. 2. Students will experiment with the properties of water and its limitations in circulating due to pump power and distance. 3. Students will evaluate the use of a heat sink/chiller in the circulation of water through the bioreactor.

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4 hours

Solar energy is available when the sun shines but energy can be supplemented at night by the decomposition energy in a bioreactor. In this activity we will experiment with the feasibility of using heated water in a bioreactor to circulate it through a water trough or pipe system to prevent it from freezing in the winter. This method will save money and natural resources for those who rely on water trough heaters to water livestock or those who use heat coil systems to make sure pipes do not freeze in winter months. This system could also be used as a radiant heating system throughout a shed or chicken coop to warm the shelter in winter.

Science Kit Material(s) Used:
1.5-Volt 500mA Solar Module
3-Volt, 1A Solar Module
Kidwind Small Water Pump
Other Material(s) Used:
Water circulation system (wort chiller), plastic irrigation tubing, shovel, bioreactors from previous lesson