Biolite - Fire to Phone Charging (Lesson 6)

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Brett McFarland
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1 hour 30 min
Learning Goal(s):

1. Students will use thermometers and a stopwatch to calculate power. 2. Students will use collected data and be able to make power calculations from this data. 3. Students will also be able to calculate efficiency from their power calculations. 4. Students will be able to compare efficiencies to other circuits tested in this unit. 5. Students will know what the Peltier Junction does.

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This is the 6th part in the Off the Grid Unit. This lesson continues to look at the efficiency of USB charging devices, but this time we will be using a commercially available camping stove that uses heat to create electricity in order to charge a phone. This is the Biolite stove that exploits the Peltier Junction in order to generate an electrical current. Students can also attempt to measure power output of the stove by taking data on the heating of water. This is a demonstration activity, as the whole class will be using one stove and recording data into their science journals.

Other Material(s) Used

timer, clock or stopwatch, thermometer, biolite camp stove, USB current/volt meter, USB powered device

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