Lane Electric Co-op

Lane Electric Co-op is a rural electric distribution cooperative whose primary mission is to provide safe, reliable and economical electric service to its member/owners in rural Lane County.

Sponsored Projects:

Crow Middle High School

Eugene, OR
Technology Type:
PV System Size:
11.34 - kilowatts

Crow Middle High School is part of the small, rural Crow-Applegate-Lorane School District comprised of 300 students. Crow’s student body and staff are enthusiastic supporters of sustainability, actively recycling paper, cans, cardboard and plastic. The school also converts cafeteria waste into compost for the school garden. Science students participate in local solar car derby races and have pursued a solar demonstration project for several years.

BEF used funding from Bonneville Power Administration to establish a new Renewable School project at Crow Middle High School in 2014. As... Read full project narrative >>