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PNW Clean Energy Fellows Application

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CE's newest program addition, the Clean Energy Fellows program, will leverage our program’s resource base and the local expertise of teacher leaders to build new, high-impact programs to develop energy-literate and critically informed citizens to take steps into the clean energy future.

The energy landscape in the Pacific Northwest is transforming, and new challenges such as resiliency, decarboniztion, and resource adequacy require a citizenry of innovators who understand energy systems and can design solutions for their future. By equitably engaging our region's students with real-world phenomena and energy issues, we can nurture the energy leaders of tomorrow.

The Pacific Northwest Clean Energy Fellows Program will launch Summer/Fall 2020, operating as a small cohort of educator leaders, developing regionally specific Action Plans customized to meet the unique needs of both their student population as well as energy resource landscape. Participating Teachers in this program will receive:

  • $5,000 stipend

  • Materials budget for new hands-on tools

  • Travel reimbursement

  • Coaching in virtual learning techniques

  • Consultation from curricular experts and energy industry professionals

  • Connections to local energy projects and career opportunities for students

  • Thought Leadership (conferences, publishing, PD delivery)

  • Collaborative Planning Spaces


The Clean Energy Fellows is a time intensive project requiring in-person meetings, virtual conferences and training, and on-the-ground work with professional learning communities, students, and local industry. The following commitments are expected to fully complete the program:
  • 100-150 hours over the course of one year

  • Delivery of regional Action Plan

Action Plans

The Clean Energy Fellows program is intended to allow for deep, thoughtful, locally relevant, and culturally specific plans around energy career pathways be developed in a way that ensures 10-year longevity for new programming. To accomplish this, Fellows will develop comprehensive action plans that select specific methodologies for deliver new opportunities for young people to engage in this work in their region. Each Fellow’s or region’s Action Plan will look different, selecting unique engagements and strategies that align to pre-existing efforts and realities. To facilitate the development of these plans, CE will ask that Fellows align their plans to the following objectives:

  1. (Mission-Oriented): The Action Plan broadens access to student participation in the clean energy economy.
  2. (Equity-Driven): The Action Plan is culturally relevant for the region served and addresses the realities of local equity needs.
  3. (Self-Sustaining): The Action Plan has structures in place that target a longevity of at least 10 years for their programming.
  4. (Change-Multiplying): The Action Plan amplifies the impact of local educator leaders within the Fellow’s region.
  5. (Partner-Informed): The Action Plan involves continuous inroads for collaboration between teacher Fellow and critical regional partners (industry, educational, and community groups and organizations).

For more detailed on Action Plans and examples of outcomes, please go to our Action Plan Informational Page.


The application for the Clean Energy Fellows is now live, with a deadline of July 24 at 11:59 pm. This application asks that you provide basic information about your educational background, regional resources and support, as well as detailed information about your proposed Action Plan concept. CE highly encourages you to read through the Application PDF before working on the online form. When you feel that you have amply considered your responses to the long-text questions, please follow the link below to the application: