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Willamette High School

Grade Level:
Eugene, OR
PV System Size:
2.40 - kilowatts
Technology Type:
About the School:

As a Renewable School, Willamette High School in Eugene, Oregon is building a dedicated community of renewable energy educators, generating clean energy through a  2.4-kilowatt photovoltaic (PV) system leveraged as an educational tool to bring energy topics to life in their classrooms. 

The system was installed in 2006 onto the school roof and constructed with a mobile 1-kilowatt PV plant/demonstration unit. Both the fixed system and the mobile unit provided energy to charge electric vehicles built and converted in the Industry and Engineering CAM program on-site. In addition, the mobile unit dubbed the "Solar Roller" acts as a remote charging station for the 14-vehicle Electrathon fleet. In 2008, educators within the school received a customized renewable energy teacher training, hands-on science kit materials to augment the school's existing curricula, and complete access to the resources available on the website.