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Klamath County Educators' Workshop

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Klamath, OR
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4,000.00 - kilowatts
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OneEnergy Renewables completed a total of 4 MW of solar Euwana I & II Solar projects in Klamath Falls, Oregon.  In association with this utility-scale solar development project, installation, OneEnergy provided funding to BEF to help local schools leverage the project as a place-based learning tool for students in the area. Many of the Klamath County School District schools are within close proximity to the Euwana I & II Solar project sites.

In April of 2016, CE provided a regional workshop at Mazama High School for 14 teachers from 8 different schools in Klamath County.  These teachers worked on the construction of solar ovens, built and took data on various types of solar circuits, and practiced using the engineering design cycle in an investigation of solar car design.  These hands-on experiences were selected in collaboration with district leadership and differentiated between the large range of grade levels present.  A science kit valued at $3,500 was provided to the District as part of this workshop, with classroom materials aligned with workshop activities in order to provide hands-on training for teachers using the supplies throughout the day.  This science kit is currently housed at Mazama High School and managed by teacher leaders in conjunction with Klamath County School District to provide access to materials and renewable energy lessons District-wide.

Feature images courtesy of Samantha Tipler, Klamath County School District.