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Ellensburg Community Renewable Park

Ellensburg, WA
PV System Size:
110.50 - kilowatts
Technology Type:
About the School:

In partnership with BEF, Ellensburg has installed the first “community solar” project in the nation. The striking 100+ kW solar-electric system sits just off of Highway 90 in Ellensburg, and piques the interest of nearly every passing driver.

The groundbreaking project allows local individuals and businesses to make essential financial contributions to the project. In return, these contributors receive direct credits on their electricity bills for the green power produced by the system. Because of strong community support, the city expanded the system from 36 kW to 57 kW in December of 2008. The system was actually expanded by 13.5kW in 2009 and again by 40kW in 2010.