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Adams Elementary School

Grade Level:
Eugene, OR
PV System Size:
6.44 - kilowatts
Teacher Champion:
  • Monika TC Spielman
Technology Type:
About the School:

In October 2011, Adams Elementary School installed a 6.44-kilowatt photovoltaic (PV) system onto the school building thanks to a grant from the Eugene Water & Electric Board. The installation marked Adams as the first school in the Eugene 4J School District to have a PV system.

In addition to helping build a dedicated community of renewable energy educators at Adams Elementary, the Renewable Classroom PLUS project provided Solar 4R Schools has transformed the school's existing PV system into an interactive classroom tool for educators throughout the district. Energy monitoring services and data display provided with the project package has made the school's PV energy production data available to educators nationwide at A touchscreen kiosk placed in the school helps engage community members, parents, teachers and students in the school's commitment to renewable energy.

Adams Elementary School educators also received a renewable energy teacher training from the Solar 4R Schools team, matched with a custom-selected set of hands-on science kit materials to augment the school's existing curricula.