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Winsted, CT - Educators' Workshop

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Winsted, CT
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Arconic Foundation supported STEM teacher professional development for educators in the region surrounding Arconic facilities in Winsted, CT in September 2017. Thirteen educators from four different school districts met at The Gilbert School to engage in a training focusing on renewable energy education. Representatives from Arconic Power & Propulsion, CREC (Capitol Region Education Council), and Eversource Energy were present to participate in the training and share information about energy-related careers and local energy resources. This effort was part of Arconic Foundation’s pursuit in addressing the opportunity gap for student achievement and career readiness in underserved communities by providing teachers with science kit materials and positive professional development experiences. During the workshop teachers, engaged in three hands-on activities focused on energy transformations, photovoltaic circuits, and electromagnetic induction. The workshop provided a collaborative space for teachers, as the many school districts end up serving the same students as they transition between schools based on their grade or career path.



Arconic Foundation is proud to support CE and bring this innovative program to Arconic communities nationwide. Arconic Foundation’s mission is to support non-profit partners who advance STEM Education, Workforce Development and Environmental Sustainability in Arconic communities. We view support for K-12 STEM programs as critical to shaping the workforce of the future – the economic future of our communities and the advanced manufacturing industry depends on it. By investing early in impactful STEM curricula, we can spark the imagination of our youth and set them on a path that encourages creativity and innovation – the very skills that make Arconic and other advanced manufacturers successful. CE is a proven and innovative model that we believe can bring to life the issues and solutions around energy management. Energy is a critical component of what we do in industry and in all of our personal lives – it is a topic that we want our youth educated about so that they can solve the problems of tomorrow.