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Springdale, AR -- 2022 Storytime STEM Training

Springdale, AR
About the School:

In 2022, CE collaborated with the Springdale School District in Springdale, PA to deliver a hybrid STEM training focusing on K-2 literacy linkages to STEM topics. This training used Storytime STEM Packs, a tool developed by the Allegheny Intermediate Unit that engages students in stories to launch engineering design activities. Kits used in this training specifically used the stories of The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind and My Papi Has a Motorcycle to guide students through the process of building energy transformation solutions.  CE delivered this training virtually, sending the kits to teachers ahead of time so that they could work with them together in a room at the District during the virtual presentation. This training took place as part of an existing professional development event. 17 teachers participated in the event, reaching 1455 students and 14 schools.