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Klamath Clean Energy Educator Workshop

Grade Level:
Klamath Falls, OR
Teacher Champion:
  • Jonathan Strunin
About the School:

Cypress Creek Renewables provided funding to BEF for a one-day clean energy science educator workshop in April 2019. attended by very Middle School/Jr. High in Klamath County.

The CE workshop, held at Oregon Institute of Technology in Klamath Falls, OR, was attended by 11 educators from 7 different schools in Klamath County and Klamath Falls City School Districts.  These teachers were led through a mini-Next Generation Science Standards unit around energy and electrical energy, including developing models and conducting investigations of solar circuits, and practiced using the engineering design cycle in an investigation of solar car and wind energy systems.  These hands-on experiences were selected in collaboration with district leadership and done to prepare additional teachers for an expansion of a local Wind Challenge, led by KCSD teachers and CE partner KidWind.  Science kits valued at $12,500 were provided to the districts as part of this workshop, with classroom materials aligned with workshop activities in order to provide hands-on training for teachers using the supplies throughout the day.