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The Boys & Girls Club of Portland Metropolitan Area (BGCP) secured PGE Renewable Development funds to install a solar array on their new Rockwood facility in East Portlant. This solar array provides a unique learning opportunity for under-resourced youth in Portland to highlight opportunities in energy and STEM-related fields. This three-year strategy was fully funded by Renewable Development funds and includes joint train­-the-trainer workshops for BGCP staff by BEF and KidWind, as well as renewable energy science kit materials and support for conducting solar and wind engineering challenges for youth.

Boys & Girls Club of Portland - Afterschool Energy Educator Workshop

Portland, OR
About the School:

On Friday, January 3rd 2020, 16 out-of-school time educators for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Portland (BGCP) metropolitan area participated in a four-hour renewable energy refresher training as part of an ongoing, three-year grant effort in connection with the recent solar array constructed at the Rockwood East Protland club. BGCP staff learned about renewable energy concepts, the "Grid" and energy context in the Pacific Northwest, and electricity basics while focusing on industry needs for critical skills development aligned with the BGCP's mission. Inspired by a central theme of "community-building", staff were grouped by site and participated in a friendly comptetion to construct table-top model communities powered by renewable energy generation sources modeled using handcrank generators and mini solar modules!