NW Natural Clean Energy Fellows


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In Summer/Fall 2020, CE launched its NW Natural Clean Energy Fellows program. This program, geared toward systems-thinking for a decarbonized future, will work with a cohort of educator leaders in Northwest Natural territory to develop and refine scope-and-sequence curriculum geared toward the topics of renewable natural gas, renewable hydrogen, and other electricity-to-gas technology. CE is hoping to work top-down with districts interested in developing NGSS-aligned, engineering-and inquiry-driven to identify professional learning communities and leaders that they believe would be highly effective at achieving these goals. Participating teachers received a $400 stipend for participating in the Fall Course, and leaders participating in the curriculum lab moving beyond the Fall receive a $1,500 stipend as compensation for their time.

Why Renewable Gas?

In the face of climate change, it is imperative that every sector possible strives toward decarbonization and a shift toward advanced grid and clean energy technologies. Renewable gas is critical to realizing this future. Renewable natural gas is methane captured from decomposition and waste treatment processes that would otherwise enter the atmosphere. Renewable hydrogen is hydrogen gas that can be produced using excess clean electricity and injected into existing natural gas pipelines. NW Natural is committed to exploring and investing in these technologies throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Seeking Professional Learning Communities

CE is seeking a cohort of teacher leaders to learn about and develop rigorous curriculum around renewable natural gas (RNG) and renewable hydrogen (RH2) topics. These individuals will be deeply invested in learning the intricacies behind decarbonization efforts in the Pacific Northwest, building tools to engage students in critical thinking around complex energy topics. As part of the program structure, CE is asking that teachers indicate interest as district or regional cohorts. The intent is to develop several nodes of collaborative groups of leaders willing to develop, test, and refine curriculum both inside of CE-led curriculum labs as well as at home in their own professional development spaces. To indicate interest, please fill out the form HERE. CE will contact interested teachers by mid-to-late summer with more details based on preferred dates and involved parties. This program is open to 3rd-12th grade educators in NW Natural territory.

Three-Phase Process:

  1. CE provides Kickoff Course in for educator-stakeholders with industry experts

  2. CE facilitates a cohort of selected teacher leaders as Clean Energy Fellows who lead cutting-edge, industry-informed curriculum development

  3. Clean Energy Fellows lead innovative student engagement and training to educators in their professional learning communities


The program is presently entering Phase 2, and hoping to recruit its cohort of Clean Energy Fellows to draft, test, and refine curriculum. Please use this link to apply, and take a look at the application PDF beforehand here.

Important Dates:

  • Application Opens December 1
  • Application Due January 15
  • Fellows Selected and Notified February 1

Program Objectives:

  1. Fellows will work individually or in partnerships to create new curriculum.
  2. Fellows will gather with other Fellows in the cohort semi-regularly to check in, co-work, and provide support and feedback to each other on their curricula.
  3. Fellows will test curriculum or pilot their program.
  4. Fellows will adjust curriculum following classroom testing.
  5. Fellows will develop final curriculum including complete lesson plans (per CE Template to be developed), instructional supports, resources, extensions, assessments, etc.
  6. Fellows will collaborate with subject matter experts from Northwest Natural and other industry areas to vet curriculum and provide career connection options for the region.
  7. Fellows will record a video explaining curriculum and its highlights.
  8. Fellows will present curriculum at a NW Natural Fellows Showcase in December 2021/January 2022.

Program Sponsor

NW Natural has been a critical part of our Northwest communities for over 160 years.  We take great pride in delivering reliable, safe and affordable energy. Today’s challenge is climate change – an imperative that requires our collective action, and NW Natural has an important role to play in moving to a low carbon future by replacing natural gas with renewable natural gas over time.

The Clean Energy Bright Futures program is partnering with NW Natural, but isn’t a program of NW Natural or staffed by representatives of the company. If you’re looking for questions to other questions please visit the either the NW Natural Less We Can site or for general utility related questions,  www.nwnatural.com.