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NW Natural Clean Energy Fellows (2020-2022)

Portland, OR
About the School:

In the face of climate change, it is imperative that every sector possible strives toward decarbonization and a shift toward advanced grid and clean energy technologies. Renewable gas is critical to realizing this future. Renewable natural gas is methane captured from decomposition and waste treatment processes that would otherwise enter the atmosphere. Renewable hydrogen is hydrogen gas that can be produced using excess clean electricity and injected into existing natural gas pipelines. NW Natural is committed to exploring and investing in these technologies throughout the Pacific Northwest.

CE's NW Natural Clean Energy Fellows project harnesses the expertise and genius in regional educator leaders to build more robust public understanding around renewable gas technologies. Over the course of three years, educators participate in several stages to develop industry-informed, classroom-tested curriculum that can be shared broadly for K-12 educators. Clean Energy Fellows work together as a cohort to develop this curriculum, along with a K-12 renewable gas storyline to provide big questions and specific learning goals around these topic areas. 

This three-year project is taking place in several stages:

1. CE provides Kickoff Course in for educator-stakeholders with industry experts.
2. CE facilitates a cohort of selected teacher leaders as Clean Energy Fellows who lead cutting-edge, industry-informed curriculum development.
3. Clean Energy Fellows lead innovative student engagement and deliver training to educators in their professional learning communities.