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At Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF), we believe addressing the planet’s most pressing environmental challenges requires innovation, creative problem solving and discovering a new way of doing business that values the natural resources we depend on. We also believe education plays a critical role in securing a clean energy, low-carbon future. Our nationally renowned Solar 4R Schools program is inspiring a new generation of clean energy leaders with the insight and innovative thinking necessary to solve the nation’s most pressing energy challenges. To get there, we’re transforming solar technology into a complete STEM classroom learning experience. With the help of our corporate, nonprofit and utility funding partners, our vision is to integrate engaging renewable energy education into every science classroom in the nation. Learn more at

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Energy Trust of Oregon is a nonprofit organization dedicated to changing the way Oregonians use and generate energy by promoting energy efficiency and clean renewable energy. Through its support of Solar 4R Schools, Energy Trust supports Oregon's clean energy future.


Portland General Electric's leadership in renewable power dates back to the 1990s when the company agreed to purchase the entire output of Oregon's first major wind farm. In 1999, PGE was one of the first utilities to voluntarily offer a renewable power product to customers and later became the first utility in the nation to include a fish habitat option. Portland General Electric (PGE) has operated one of the most successful Green Power Programs in the nation, and offers a renewable option to all customers. The program has grown to more than 160,000 customers. Since 2008, PGE's renewable energy power program has been ranked #1 in the U.S. for sales of renewable power to residential customers and for overall volume of renewable power sold by the U.S. DOE's National Renewable Energy Labs.

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Portland Public Schools, founded in 1851, is an urban school district in Portland, Oregon. With more than 48,500 students in 78 schools, it is the largest school district in the Pacific Northwest. PPS students participate in diverse programs and learning opportunities that are supported by teachers, families, community members, nonprofit organizations, local businesses and higher education institutions, including Portland State University, Portland Community College, Oregon Health and Science University, and the University of Oregon.


Through strong partnerships, local communities are having a position of influence on global issues.

Roosevelt High School would like to thank Portland General Electric and The Energy Trust of Oregon for funding this project and Bonneville Environmental Foundation for providing project management and educational materials. By choosing non-polluting, renewable energy and protecting important natural resources, we are making a difference in the health of our community and environment, now and for generations to come. It is our hope that this project will inspire students to pursue careers and make decisions that make our world a better place.