Orcas Island High School - Solar 4R Schools Array

Live Solar Electric Generation

Orcas Island High School

In 2015, two solar projects were deployed at the Orcas Island High School. The 11.4 kW solar electric system on the gymnasium is part of BEF's Solar 4R SchoolsTM program that provides STEM renewable energy professional development, science kits, and focused classroom activities and renewable energy lesson plans. The 9.9 kW system at the front of the school is part of the San Juan Islands Community Solar for our Schools program where community members funded the project and receive energy benefits from the solar in return. Orcas Island School District is grateful to the Orcas Island Community, our School Board, our local electric utility - OPALCO, Bonneville Environmental Foundation and The San Juan Islands Conservation District for so generously supporting our efforts to be better energy stewards with the installation on our high school roof of 20kW of solar panels.  The accompanying interactive kiosk from Bonneville Environmental Foundation that currently stands in the high school commons  serves as a "live" demonstration of the power of our free and natural resource - the SUN!!  This display encourages curiosity, which in turn motivates important discussions around energy issues and technology; hopefully, these conversations will then serve as inspiration for the energy innovations of the future.