Reflecting Sunlight (Lesson 12)

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Debbie Abel
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Estimated Activity Length:
50 min
Learning Goal(s):

Students will learn that reflectors can be used to increase solar oven temperatures by concentrating solar energy. Students will use their observations from the prior lesson to make claims based on the concepts of reflection and absorption within a solar oven system. Students will use their observations from reflection and absorption experiments to determine how to best capture reflected solar energy.

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Students will see a demonstration and conduct a simple experiment on reflecting sunlight.  During this demonstration, they will determine the purpose of the reflectors on a solar oven’s design and make observations about their functionality. They will use what they learn to build their solar ovens.

Science Kit Material(s) Used

All American Sun Oven

Other Material(s) Used

• 6 mini parabolic ovens (tin foil, glue, poster paper, string, hole punch) • small Styrofoam bowls (two per group of 4) • ice-cubes (2 per group of 4. As close to the same size as possible.) • Plastic trash bag or black construction paper

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All American Sun Oven