Professional Sun Oven (Lesson 8)

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Debbie Abel
Intended Grade Level(s):
Estimated Activity Length:
50 min
Learning Goal(s):

Students will learn how a professional solar oven works. Students will make scientific observations about the functionality of a solar oven. Students will practice prototyping through their own sketches of a solar oven.

Files Associated with this Activity:

Students will view a professional solar oven in use and hypothesize how it works.  They will do this through observing the oven in action as it cooks an egg, then recording their observations.  This will be recorded in their energy notebooks.

Science Kit Material(s) Used

All American Sun Oven

Other Material(s) Used

• thermometer for ambient temperature • oven mitts • a small metal plate or pan for cooking eggs • several eggs for cooking • a day with full sunlight • one toothpick

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All American Sun Oven